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Minimum Age: 15 years Student birthday must be prior to 19 October, 2003

Nevada Driver's Education

This course fulfills the 30 hours of class requirement for Nevada Driver Education, the first step in earning a Nevada driver's license. However, students are not required to take Driver's Education before they can apply for their permit. Once a student has obtained their permit, they will need to complete a total of 50 hours behind-the-wheel with a parent or guardian. After all requirements for driver's education have been completed (with passing scores), and behind the wheel experience have been completed, and the student meets all age/time requirements, then they will need to set up a Road Test as their final step in obtaining their License. 


Getting A Permit

Student are not required to take driver's education before applying for their permit. They must be at least 15 1/2 years old and will need to apply directly from your local DMV office. Students may start their behind-the-wheel instruction after receiving their Instructional Permit at the minimum age of 15 1/2.

Students must then hold an instructional permit for at least 90 days before taking their driving test and receiving their driver's license from the state of Nevada. For more information about your students permit, paperwork or the overall process, please feel free to search the Nevada DMV Website here



AAA Driving Academy - (844) 257 - 5222

9191 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89147



How to Get Started

You can get started on your course the same day you register and sign up! It's as easy as a simple step-by-step registration process, and then the course will be unlocked and ready to be accessed! You will have up to 6 hour per day to actively work on your course, so feel free to fit it into your schedule as you need. If you ever have any questions about your online course, you are welcome to email us directly at online@allstarde.com


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Module 1: Becoming a Licensed Driver in Nevada
Module 2: Basic Vehicle Operating Procedures
Module 3: Natural Laws of Driving
Module 4: Visibility, Time and Space
Module 5: Intersections
Module 6: Different Roadway Driving Environments
Module 7: Roadway Communications
Module 8: Physical and Psychological Effects of Alcohol and Drugs
Module 9: Legal, Health and Economical Impact of Alcohol and Drugs
Module 10: State of Mind and Aggressive Driving
Module 11: Fatigue and other Health Conditions
Module 12: Distracted Driving
Module 13: Handling Changes in Driving Environment
Module 14: Speed Laws and Other Motor Vehicle Laws
Module 15: Avoiding a Collision
Module 16: Other Roadway Users
Module 17: Social Responsibility and Driving
Module 18: Maintaining Your Vehicle
Module 19: Purchasing a Vehicle and Vehicle Insurance
Module 20: Get Ready to Drive!

Nevada Teen Driver's Ed Exam
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